Pre/Pointe – Pointe

Enrollment: Pre-Pointe/Pointe I-IV *needs teacher approval, see pre-requisites below
Class Time: Pre-Pointe/Pointe I (45-60 min) Pointe II-IV (60 min)


Pointe class concentrates on the transference of ballet steps from demi-pointe to pointe and is introduced only when a dancer has developed sufficient strength in the feet and legs necessary for this discipline. Permission is needed by the instructor for admission into pointe class.

Dress Code

*Solid dark colored leotard
*No visible bra straps
*Black or grey sports bra (if needed)
*Clean ballet pink tights will no visible holes and or/tears
*Hair in a slick back, tightly secured bun with a hair net and bobby pins. No wispies and/or flyaways
*Ballet skirts may be worn at teacher discretion
*Ballet warm-ups may be worn during plies at teacher discretion
*No undergarments showing

Recommended Shoes

*Pointe shoes with elastic and ribbons properly sewn on for pointe class (girls will still be asked to take on pointe if they forget their toe pad(s) and/or pointe shoes accessories)


All students placed on pointe must attend 3 ballet technique classes a week at minimum
Pre-Pointe- At least 2 years ballet training and recommendation from your ballet teacher

Pointe 1- Approval by ballet teacher

Pointe II/III- At least 1 year pointe training, approval by Pointe I teacher

Pointe III/IV- At least 2 years pointe training, approval by Pointe II/III teacher