Dance Technique Tips

brianna_leap“Top 10 Dance Technique Tips”

Have you ever watched a dance performance and thought to yourself…. “That was good but there was something missing?”  Chances are one or more of the following 10 items were overlooked or not emphasized enough by the coach and/or dance teacher. More often than not the simplest of moves are overlooked and overshadowed by a big turn sequence or difficult jump section. It’s the transitions and minute details that can take a dance team from mediocre to amazing.  The teams that perfect these skills are the ones that have an advantage over other teams.  Here is a list of the 10 Top Dance Technique Tips that are over looked too often… Perfect these and you will have an advantage over your competition.

This week I will share with you 2 tips that will improve your scores.

1. Eye Contact – How entertaining is it to watch a dance routine but never have the performer look at their audience?  Speaking from experience, it’s not entertaining.  As a performer it is so important to connect with the entire audience.  There are so many opportunities to connect with your audience in every dance routine and finding those moments and highlighting them with the right choreography will really set your routine apart from the others.

2.  Shoulder Placement– Watching a performance with dancers dancing with their shoulders up is along the same lines as hearing nails across a chalkboard.  To an observer or a judge who has had extensive ballet training, it’s simply a no-no.  As a dance instructor, it is crucial to focus on training your athletes to keep their shoulders pressed down and relaxed while performing their routine.  This will make their lines look longer and will only help make your choreography look that much better!

Next week I will share with you 2 more simple but crucial tips to improve your score at your next competition.


Miss Laura